Designer inflatables

I think its time to save inflatables from the death of boredom. How about we elevate inflatables to must-have designer experiences? I’m talking about enhancing the way that adults enjoy the water. For example, what if a designer hotel or resort had amazing on-brand inflatables in the pool or on the beach? Think about it.



Dear pinkandblousy Readers,

I have started a new blog! I present to you pinkandblousy’s sister blog icandi! I have been working on icandi for a while now, and super excited to finally have it up and running! Brainstorming blog names with my girl Lexi (who calls me “Candi” or “Tits” -depending on her mood) one afternoon down at the Toronto beaches (yes, ice cream in hand), “Candice’s eye candy” was the direction I wanted to move in, and vuala iCandi it has become. iCandi is Candice, just up close and personal. Check it out!! Thank you for stopping by, and see you all tomorrow morning!

x -Candice


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I was here

I miss this.

movie night

Movie night with the ladies. Always needed. Mostly because we saw “One Day”, and i’m a cry baby when it comes to love stories. I can cry my eyes out and not worry what I look like when the lights turn back on. 


My inspiration for this week. Good Morning. 

she’s out

Working on a new blog. Branching off from Pinkandblousy and bringing you up close and personal. Here is just a sneak peek of the style of the blog I am leaning towards.


August 20, 2011

Someone once told me that you must live on a moment-by-moment basis in order to understand that the present is your only exit from the past, and your only gateway to the future. I get that now.