Sitting alone

by candicekaye

Just finished a late night convo (for her) with my best girlfriend Britt who is currently living in England, studying Law. For those blousy readers who don’t know her, Brittany is possibly the most amazing person you could know. She brings light to my bad days, sad days, messed up days, happy days, lonely days, and those days when you ache in places you didn’t even know you had inside of you. Our conversation tonight was about sitting alone, and how scary that may be. She told me this; Everyone is scared of something different, that is what makes life so exciting. We are fearless! And fearless isn’t about being unafraid, its being terrified, but you jump into it anyways. And then she ended the convo about how she’s plannin to take over the world, I asked how, and this was her answer ” I’m going to need a large boat, a very fabulous hat, and a job… I’m confident I can recruit”. Ha how could you not love her. Enjoy your Saturday night, and remember, be fearless.