Dessert for dinner?? Why not!

by candicekaye

So my lovely sister Laura and I were laying around this evening and if there is one thing both of us truly enjoy it’s food, mainly dessert. Soooooo why not see if we can order- in some dessert for dinner?? – the phone conversation went like this:

Laura: hi – can I place an order for delivery? Cheesecake and tiramisu please

Restaruant #1 – sorry mam were all out of cheesecake anything else?

Laura: I’m sorry I will have to call back I WANT CHEESECAKE


Same Deal in Convo 2:

Restaurant #2: not a problem mam but you have to spend $25 for delivery

Laura: Oh that wont be a problem – I will have the cheesecake, tiramisu, and apple crumble


Hope you are enjoying this snowy night as much as we are!