Blousy says no phones allowed

by candicekaye

How many of you have finished your day look down at your phone and say “man no messages today?  nobody loves me!”, or if that new guy/girl your seeing doesn’t message you all day, you say “wow he/she really has not thought of me all day…” My girlfriends and I went out for drinks at the Keg last night and topic of conversation was the cell phone. A device that used to be just an accessory, that has now become a extension of us. I mean how many times have you turned around your car because you forgot your cell on your stairs, or your in room, or where you were putting on your shoes? I have (multiple times).

The girls and I were discussing how our society today (particularly our generation) has allowed the messages we get to our cell phones depict how our day went. And I personally think its crazy. What ever happened to the good old days when you actually knew all your friends numbers off by heart, or when you had to physically step out of your house to talk to someone. Now you can sit at a dinner table not only having a conversation with the person in front have you, but with all the other conversations you are having with the contacts on your phone. I do understand that technology can connect you to the other side of the world in an instant, and that is fascinating, however doesn’t that also diminish the meaning distance?

When did it become ok to ask a girl/boy on a date, or flirt with someone purely over text message? This is not O.K people. Maybe I am just an old fashion hopeless romantic, and a letter in the mail, or a knock on the door would be a lot more satisfying than a text message, I just feel like we have allowed the phone to take over and with that human conversation has become a conversation lost in translation. Humans give off so much good energy when you see someone in person, this energy is lost when you are connected through the phone.

Anyways that’s my Friday rant for ya. Candice is starting a new trend today, turning off the phone for the majority of her day. Who is with me?