Pinkandblousy presents Dionne Bromfield

by candicekaye

Dionne Bromfield “… is the 13-year-old godchild of Amy Winehouse, a baby-soul sensation determined not to follow in her troubled mentor’s footsteps. In the middle of a secondary-school tour, she explains why she’s more than a ‘wannabe Miley Cyrus kid'”The Sunday Times

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Everyone around her loves Dionne. It’s not difficult to see why. She’s unnaturally polite and self-effacing. Humility comes as second nature to her. When at one point she says ‘I don’t even really rate my voice,’ I remind her that this is a press release to sell her record and she u-turns, if ever so slightly. ‘OK, you can say it’s brilliant then. But you say it, not me. I just sing the way I sing.’ (It’s brilliant, btw).”| amywinehouse