Little things in life

by candicekaye

So I was driving home today from school and as I got off the highway the light turned red and there was a homeless man standing on the corner (let’s call him Joe, cause everyone needs a name) . I had some extra change in my pocket and decided he could use it a lot more than I could. Joe starts walking towards me as I put my hand out the window and says his general “thank you miss you have such a kind heart” little shpeel that they usually do when you help them out. Then unexpectedly he turns back around and says:

Joe: Miss do you mind if I ask you a question?

Ashley: Of Course not

Joe: Dont take offence to this, but are you registered?

Ashley: Registered for what?

Joe: Your weapon, cause your one lethal weapon!!!

Ashley: hahahahahahaha that my friend is a good one!!

I laughed and smiled the whole way home, because Joe truly made my day! So during this week of shitty weather and deadlines don’t forget to take a minute and tell someone a joke, hold the door open for someone, or just simply smile, because at the end of the day it’s the small stuff that counts!