school dances to BIG CITY LIGHTS

by candicekaye

Check out DJ Hennie V! I’ve known Josh, since we were young and he was DJ’n our high school dances. After watching these videos you will see how far he has come! Not only is he one of Toronto’s favorite DJ’s spinning at all the hot spots but he is also part of GDMMUZIK and you can check out their website at

One of the reason’s why we can’t get enough of him (and it’s not just his incredible talents), but the fact that he gives back to his community through charity work, and is planning to take time off to travel to Africa and lend a hand to those less fortunate. I’ve watched him grow from high school dances to where he is today and can only imagine where he will go from here. We wish you all the best, but we know you got this!

“The power to be able to play a song that makes people happy and the feeling that I get from playing a song and hearing hundreds of people scream that puts a smile on my face!” – DJHennie V