Dear Universe,

by candicekaye

I would like to travel the world in a cute little suitcase, filled with cute things. I would like to go scuba diving in Australia, learn how to surf in Cali, possibly jump off an airplane, ride an elephant in Thailand, swim with dolphins, and see a hippo (besides in the zoo). Mmm sip a latte in Paris, sit front row (because I am simply that important) at a fashion show in Milan, Italy. Walk the alps in Switzerland. Meet the Prince and Princess of England. Go on an Alaskan cruise. Own my bakery in New York City, while at the same time be Editor and Chief of Vogue Magazine. Since I have moved onto the topic of ‘owning’, I would also like to have a beach house in LA, own a little villa in St. Martin (French side), possibly a house in Italy and Paris (whatever is more convenient for me at the time), I love cottageing so obviously a cottage in Muskoka (equipped with Sea-doo’s, and a sail boat). I want to learn how to speak French and Spanish fluently. I would also like to find my own Noah, or Edward (from the Notebook and Twilight), or they find me. Mmm, this isn’t even half of the things I want to do in my lifetime. But you gotta start somewhere right? 

Some people keep tellin’ me to keep on dreaming, that is just what I am going to do.Candice xo