Made it to Mykonos

by candicekaye

Made it Mykonos,
For those of you that have taken a ferry can understand the annoyingness of this process. It’s crowded, people show no mercy in trying to get to the front of the line, and to top it off, all of the luggages are shoved on top of each other… The race to get your luggage was quite the annoying process (two of our luggages got ruined).
Traveling from the port on the back of a wagon (taxi), to our hotel, Hermes Hotel, I felt an instant change compared to Santorini. Everyone is so much younger, and I don’t feel so single (Santorini was filled with couples). It’s 10 pm here and we are off to eat some food and later check out a DJ from Paris!
Let the adventures of Mykonos begin.